The Kommbox Manifesto – 12 Guiding Principles

Why should only the political parties have manifestos?

A manifesto is about positioning. It is a promise of the direction, an affirmation of the guiding principles that uniquely differentiates one party from others. It helps the people understand the intentions better.

We thought that it makes perfect sense for us to publish the Kommbox manifesto for the same reasons. Kommbox is the communication system created for organizations, and the organizations will need to understand what kommbox stands for when they sign up.

The manifesto covers 12 principles. While we proceed to modify the feature set, these principles keep guiding us.

The manifesto can be downloaded kommbox-manifesto. Would love to take up questions / comments.


Ashish is IT professional with the prestigious IIT education and 20+ years experience. Communication systems expert and creator of Kommbox, a tool for organizations to solve the email challenges. Interested in music, art, philosophy.

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