How a Software Development Company Got Benefited

Kshan Tech Soft has started using Kommbox on their projects. In a limited time, they started seeing benefits. The testimonial from Darshan S Rambole captures how.

“We are a small team of developers and testers and follow agile methodology. This results in frequent exchanges of emails from within the team as well as with the client team. Moreover, there are priorities set by the client that requires quick turn around. Using Kommbox has really helped us in allocating tasks and streamlining work. This has resulted in greater client confidence is us and eliminated scenarios where we overlooked some core requirements earlier. Many thanks Kommbox team.”

How Kommbox is Used for Organizing Event

This comes from Rajarama Rao Bennengala, Vice President Programs of PMI Pune – Deccan India Chapter.

“PMI Pune-Deccan India Chapter had adopted Kommbox to streamline its communications related to operations of the chapter, specially related to the key events like our OnTarget conferences. OnTarget is the annual flagship event of PMI Pune chapter, whose preparations are done over 6 months by a team of over 50 volunteers.

We used Kommbox primarily to defining tasks, assign to performers and track them for closure. Kommboxes being context-sensitive, it offered a natural separation of concerns.

We realized that the centralization of the task repositories and replacing all traditional email communications with the communication within the kommboxes resulted in increasing the openness of the communication within the teams and enabled the management to track all ongoing tasks at one place in a sorted list. It could have clearly been very cumbersome to track the progress of all those tasks in email.

We also realized savings of time for the contributors who don’t have to write long emails for the status and also all the discussions canned for each of the tasks.

Based on the feedback from the application of kommbox during OnTarget 2014 conference, the chapter has decided to extend the use of kommbox for all operational purposes.

We wish all the best for kommbox and count on your team for continued support.”

What Synerzip Experienced on a Software Project

Synerzip is a rapidly growing Software company, doing software development for US based startups. Vrinda Phadke, Delivery Head at Synerzip explains how Synerzip used Kommbox on a software development outsourcing engagement and why using Kommbox benefited both the project team and the end customer.