What is your company’s salary expenditure?

On an average, an employee spends 2.5 hours on email alone on a daily basis. Effective use of Kommbox can save at least 1 hr out of that. This means a saving of 20-25 hours per month per employee on an average, or a saving of 1/8th of your company’s salary expenditure, against a tiny investment (see below for the plans). Is that an attractive ROI?

Effective use of Kommbox is the key. Consider Kommbox++ if you need help there.


This is the combo of Product plus Consultancy. The consultancy offering is tailored for the organization and hence the pricing would be different from organization to organization. Contact us to explore this offering.

Kommbox Only

The following table summarizes the different Kommbox offerings. The perpetual free plan of Kommbox has been discontinued since May 2016.

Enterprise -PAYG
per user per month

  • Unlimited Users
  • Premium features available
  • You get a dedicated instance
  • 2GB Disk Space for every 50 users, Chargeable beyond that
  • Unlimited email ids can be linked. The linked email ids work towards the number of users.
  • Your company admin can access the communications database
  • One time setup fee: $50 or ₹3000
  • Ongoing charges $5 or ₹300 / user / mo
  • Support and maintenance included
  • Can be converted to Enterprise-Custom account. Send conversion request.

Enterprise -Custom

  • Unlimited Users
  • Premium features available
  • Dedicated instance
  • Details of offering and pricing to be worked out with the customer

You always start with the zero-obligation 15 days FREE TRIAL when you sign up. The account is liable to be deleted after the trial period. You may upgrade to a paid account any time during this trial period. Contact us for the same.


  1. Premium features: Branding (Co name and Logo in header and emails), Task import, SSL. These are not available in the free trial.
  2. The free trial has a 0 quota of Linked Email accounts. Linked Email is a powerful feature, but can result in undesirable consequences if not understood correctly. To enable, send a request stating the number of Linked Email accounts you desire. Every linked email account counts as a user for the purpose of payment.
  3. All payments are to be paid in full in advance.
  4. Applicable taxes additional.
  5. With Free trial and Silver plans, you are on the same shared instance and your data remains in a common repository. This data cannot be exported or moved as needed.
  6. Free account (of customers who signed up before May 2016) is automatically liable for deactivation and deletion if there are no updates for any 2 months rolling period.
  7. For the purposes of billing, the month is always counted to begin on 1st.

How to Pay

  • International customers can pay through PayPal. Simply send a payment to [email protected]
  • Indian customers can pay directly to the HDFC account 01492020000481 in favor of Acism Software Private Limited (Kommbox). HDFC Bank and its ATMs is all over India, and one can pay by cheque, cash, NEFT, RTGS.