About Us

Acism (Acism Software Private Limited) has been into outsourced software development for 10 years. We are a small but passionate team of software creators. We have worked successfully with customers who were highly technical vs those who did not understand technology, customers who gave a lot of time to the project vs those who didn’t.

Through our work with various customers, we realised:

  1. The communication aspect is so important that it can make or break the project. Some times it is more important than the actual work itself.
  2. Every customer has a different style of communication and we had to amend our style to suit their.
  3. The most important thing: it is very important to keep track of the past communication so that it can be found and referred later easily.

With email, there was no single place to keep the communications where our team and the customer can access it. Also, with so many messages going back and forth, email is a mess to search. On the other hand, the specialized project communication left out many aspects of communication. They typically imposed their own way of working, and that did not go well with different styles of communication. Kommbox was conceptualized to solve our own need of project communications.

As we went ahead, we realized that this is a fairly generic need and that’s why we productized it.

Core Team


Ashish – An IIT alumnus with 20 years of experience in IT. Ashish handles the product conceptualization and business development of Kommbox.


Avinash – Over 18 years of experience in software project, process and people management. Avinash handles product development and operational part.


Surekha – An engineering graduate. Surekha has been handling support functions such as admin, accounting and HR.